my country has initially established a national food safety standard system

Food safety standards are the only mandatory food standards in my country, and they are an important technical basis for food safety supervision. Strengthening food safety supervision is related to the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of the masses. Up to now, my country has initially established a national food safety standard system covering from farmland to table and in line with international standards.

"my country has issued 1,366 national food safety standards, including four categories: general standards, product standards, production specifications, and inspection method standards. These four types of standards are organically connected and complementary to each other, controlling different food safety risks from different perspectives, covering my country The main food categories and main health hazards consumed by residents have laid a good foundation for food safety standards during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period." said Zhu Lei, director of the Standard Division I of the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center.

Strengthen the top-level design

In order to achieve the goal of "my country's food safety standards will be among the best in the world by 2035", Zhu Lei said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, four areas will be focused on.

One is to strengthen the top-level design of food safety standards planning. Through the formulation of the most rigorous standards, the ability to control food safety risks from farmland to the table is improved, and the quality and safety assurance level of the entire food chain is improved.

The second is to thoroughly implement the principles of food safety risk analysis. The formulation of food safety standards should be based on the results of risk assessments, using my country’s dietary exposure and food contamination data, scientifically assessed and taking into account the social and economic impacts of the standards, and further play the role of food safety risk monitoring networks and food consumption surveys And the basic role of total diet research data, improve risk assessment techniques, and provide scientific support for the formulation of food safety standards.

The third is to systematically carry out food safety standard system assessment. Carry out the follow-up evaluation of the existing standards, carry out systematic evaluation of various standards from the three aspects of scientificity, rationality and feasibility, and find out the existing problems in time and adjust and improve them. On this basis, establish a scientific and objective standard evaluation index system. Evaluation standards play a role in protecting consumer health, promoting industry development, and influencing international food trade.

Through the cost-benefit analysis model, understand the relationship between the social and economic benefits such as health protection and industrial development obtained after the implementation of the standard and the cost of the implementation of the standard.

The fourth is to participate in global food safety governance activities. Give full play to my country's role as the host country of the two International Codex Alimentarius Commissions, and contribute Chinese wisdom and Chinese experience to global food safety governance activities. Improve the external sharing mechanism of my country's food safety basic data, and strengthen the leadership and participation in international standards.

To fulfill China's role as the Asian regional coordinator of the International Codex Alimentarius, carry out in-depth cooperation with relevant international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the International Food and Agriculture Organization to promote food safety capacity building and standard coordination among countries in the Asian region.

Limit management of major pathogens and pollutants

Pathogenic bacteria and pollutants (mycotoxins) in food are more harmful to consumers' health. my country has formulated "National Food Safety Standard Limits of Pathogenic Bacteria in Foods", "National Food Safety Standards Limits of Mycotoxins in Foods" and "National Food Safety Standards Limits of Contaminants in Foods". Perform limited management.

According to statistics, the number of reported cases of foodborne diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria in my country each year accounts for nearly half of all reported cases.

Wang Jun, director of the Standards Division II of the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, said that the Food Safety Law stipulates that food safety standards should limit pathogenic microorganisms, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, heavy metals, pollutants, and other substances harmful to human health in food. Regulation. The limit standard for pathogenic bacteria in my country was implemented in 2014. The standard treats 5 types of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in 11 types of food such as meat products, aquatic products, instant egg products, and grain products. The bacteria put forward a limit request.

Contaminants are produced during the whole process of food production (including crop cultivation, animal feeding and veterinary medicine), processing, packaging, storage, transportation, sales, and eating or brought into food due to environmental pollution. Special emphasis is on unintentional Chemical hazardous substances added.

Wang Jun said that the current mycotoxin limit standards and pollutant limit standards in China were issued and implemented in 2017. Unless there are special regulations, the pollutant limits and mycotoxin limits stipulated in the two standards are generally edible as food. Partial calculation.

"The edible part is the part of the food raw material that is used for eating after the non-edible part is removed by mechanical means. The emphasis here is on mechanical means, such as grain milling, fruit peeling, nut dehulling, meat deboning, fish deboning, etc. No non-mechanical means can be used." Wang Jun said.

Wang Jun pointed out that the three standards are all limited standards for the main pathogenic bacteria and pollutants (mycotoxins) in foods with higher health risks for Chinese consumers. During the implementation process, other pathogens not covered by the standards are Food production and processing operators shall take appropriate measures during the processing process to ensure that the content of pathogenic bacteria and contaminants (mycotoxins) in the food is as high as possible. Low level.

At the same time, while doing a good job in the safety control of the food production and processing operation process, it is necessary to do a good job in the control of food raw materials to reduce and control food pollution from the food source.

The food additive standard system is relatively complete

"Any food additives that are not allowed to be used in the "National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Standards" (GB2760) and the National Health Commission’s announcement are not allowed to use food additives, such as the common Sudan red and melamine, in accordance with the scope of my country’s food additive management At present, there are more than 2,300 kinds of food additives that are allowed to be used, which are divided into 23 categories according to functional categories. Spices account for a large part, and there are more than 1,800 kinds." said Wang Huali, associate researcher of the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center.

"At present, everyone can buy all kinds of food in supermarkets, largely due to food additives. Without preservatives, many foods will spoil and deteriorate in a short period of time. Long-distance transportation cannot be achieved, and there will be no richness. A variety of foods are available." Wang Huali said, "With antioxidants, foods such as oils, twists, nuts, etc. will not have the taste of hala. Sweeteners, such as acesulfame K, aspartame, etc., can satisfy Diabetics’ demand for sweet foods."

Wang Huali said that my country has established a relatively complete national food additive and food safety standard system. More than 600 food additives and food safety national standards in the system include food additive use standards, supporting product quality specifications, testing method standards, labeling and identification standards, and production specifications, which can meet current regulatory and industry needs.


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